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.Basic Document icon
.32x32 Mac Classic
.Basic Folder icon
.32x32 Mac Classic
Download sample icons set ( shown below )
Arcata Development, Sample Icons
( I make these for myself, visual organization.)

All of the icons in this sample set are Mac Classic format,
with 16x16 and 32x32 pixel sizes only ( no big OS X sizes ).

7 9
Official favicon is design #9.
Design #7 is identical but with darker border rule.
Right-click to save individual icons shown on this page.

Icon Package Downloads:
( Packages are in .ZIP archive format. Click on icons... )
.Mac Resource icons - the full set
.44 ".rsr" files: 32x32 Classic OS style
..PNG preview snap of Mac icons set
.Selected .GIF format icons
.26 .GIF formated image files

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